Silver Britannia Reverse

What is a Silver Britannia Coin?

1997 Silver Britannia ReverseA Silver Britannia is a British one troy ounce silver bullion coin issued by the Royal Mint. The silver Britannia has been issued since 1997 and its name derives from the image on the reverse of the coin which always shows Britannia in various poses. The coin has a denomination of two pounds is usually minted every year.

This article cover silver Britannia’s, but the coin is also minted (since 1987) as a Gold Britannia.

Silver 1 oz Britannia is the British silver bullion equivalent to the American Silver Eagle dollar or the Canadian Maple Leaf dollar.


The Silver Britannia has a face values of £2.

The size and silver content has changed since the coin’s release in 1997. Originally it was 958 (95.8%) silver (which is know as ‘Britannia Silver’, the rest is usually copper). Since 2013 the silver coins have been produced with a millesimal fineness of .999 (99.9% silver).

One ounce (1997-2012): diameter 40 mm, (32.454 g)
One ounce (2013-) : diameter 38.61 mm, (31.104 g)

Other sizes are available:

  • Half ounce: diameter 27 mm, (15.60 g)
  • One quarter ounce: diameter 22 mm, (7.86 g)
  • One tenth ounce: diameter 16.50 mm, (3.13 g)
  • One twentieth ounce: diameter 12 mm, (1.58 g)
  • Five ounces: diameter 65 mm, (156.295 g)

Most (but not all) years are also available as proof.


1997 Silver Britannia ObverseKnown by this name as an image of Britannia is always on the reverse, the coin has been minted in silver since 1997. The image of Britannia is changed every year, although odd years see Britannia standing and even years see her sitting.

Britannia, together with a combination of trident, Union Jack shield and lion are all symbols of Great Britain, devised many centuries ago to signify that Britain ruled the waves (as it did indeed in those days with the most powerful navy in the world). Britannia has been used on several other British coins.

The Obverse is always of Queen Elizabeth II.


Year Reverse Design Also in  Proof?
2016 Britannia standing Yes
2015 Britannia standing Yes
2014 Britannia standing with lion Yes
2013 Britannia seated with owl Yes
2012 Britannia standing No
2011 Britannia seated Yes
2010 Head of Britannia Yes
2009 Britannia standing in chariot Yes
2008 Britannia next to waves Yes
2007 Britannia seated with lion Yes
2006 Britannia standing Yes
2005 Britannia seated Yes
2004 Britannia standing Yes
2003 Head of Britannia Yes
2002 Britannia standing No
2001 Britannia walking with a lion Yes
2000 Britannia standing No
1999 Britannia standing in chariot No
1998 Britannia standing Yes
1997 Britannia standing in chariot Yes

Mintages have varied over the years.