The Second in the Great Engravers Series

Call for price


There is much speculation for the design of the next Great Engravers issue by the Royal Mint. The second in the series is expected sometime in 2020. William Wyons famous Una and the Lion gold proof £5 design was chosen for the first two ounce gold.

The Royal Mint has a difficult task on its hands choosing the next showcase design, especially with the impressive back catalogue of designs it has. Could it be Wyons famous portrait of The Three Graces, or maybe the impressive Gothic Crown design of 1847?

I know many collectors are secretly hoping it will be Wyons Three Graces that gets chosen, the beauty of the design is the only rival to Una and the Lion in my opinion. If The Three Graces design is chosen, competition to get hold of one of the small number minted will be immense!

Whatever the design, I am sure The Great Engravers issue will be as popular as ever, and will not disappoint.