2013 St George Silver Twenty Pounds


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The 2013 St George Silver Twenty Pounds £20 is made of 0.999 fine silver, and weighs 15.71 grams. It has a diameter of 27.00mm.

The coin comes sealed in presentation case, as issued by the Royal Mint. Approximately 250,000 pieces were issued.

The Royal Mint began issuing the £20 silver coins in 2013, and has released a different design each year. The issue price was £20 (£20 for £20), and initially proved to be very popular with collectors and investors alike. With a legal tender value of £20, many people purchased multiples of the issue. Up until recent years, the coins could be redeemed at high street banks for their face value. Unfortunately, the Royal Mint decided to reject any bank returns, and the coins can no longer be exchanged for currency.

With regards to re-sale of the 2013 St George Silver Twenty Pounds £20, the secondary market is now heavily saturated. We are happy to purchase the coins, but at a fraction of their denomination value. We are currently paying £7 each for them, and as you can see, sell them for less than their face value.