2004 200th Anniversary of the Steam Locomotive Silver Proof Two Pounds




Sterling Silver .925

Weight: 12 g

Diameter: 28.40 millimeters

The Industrial Revolution was a period that saw countries like Britain progress from being predominantly agrarian to being much more urbanised. The development of the steam engine played a crucial role in this transition.
Although steam-powered engines had been used from the early eighteenth century, they were often large and unreliable machines fixed into position to perform certain tasks. It was not until the beginning of the nineteenth century that a Cornishman, Richard Trevithick, revolutionised steam power by devising the first steam-driven locomotive engine.

The reverse designed by Robert Lowe is a depiction of Trevithick’s Locomotive Penydarren and the denomination “Two Pounds” surrounded by a cog representing the Industrial Revolution and the inscription “R Trevithick 1804 Invention Industry Progress 2004” with a patterned edge. The obverse features Ian Rank Broadley’s mature, reflective portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.