1841 Sovereign


Arguably the rarest victorian gold sovereign to be minted.

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The 1841 sovereign is arguably the rarest victorian gold sovereign to be issued.

Queen Victoria’s First Head portrait can be seen on the obverse of the coin, designed by Jean Baptiste Merlen. Issued from 1838 to 1848, the First Head design is slightly smaller compared to the later Second Portrait design.

The reverse of the coin depicts William Wyons Shield design. William Wyon is known as one of the great Royal Mint engravers, producing other designs such as the famous Una and the Lion, 1847 Gothic crown and The Three Graces.

Only 124,054 1841 sovereigns were minted by the Royal Mint. Due to the scarcity of the coin, it is widely accepted many have been melted down over the years.

The first victorian gold sovereign was issued in 1838. As there were no sovereigns minted in 1840, the 1841 was only the third victorian gold sovereign to be issued. A good friend of mine often explains the rarity of the 1841 sovereign by saying that for every 1839 sovereign you get ten 1838 sovereigns, and for every 1841 sovereign you get ten 1839 sovereigns.

The gold sovereign weighs 8 grams, and is made of 22 carat gold.

This is the first 1841 sovereign I have ever handled.

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