1838 Sovereign


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The 1838 sovereign was the first sovereign to be issued during the reign of Queen Victoria. The reverse of the sovereign features William Wyon’s ‘shield back’ design. with the young Queen’s portrait depicted on the obverse.

Since 1817, the gold sovereign has been struck in 22 carat gold, with a weight of 7.98 grams.

The 1838 sovereign has a mintage of 2,718,694. The coin is very popular amongst sovereign collectors, with it being the first Victorian issue.

We would be very interested in purchasing 1838 sovereigns. To give you an idea of value, we would pay in the region of £600-700 for a basic fine example, increasing to over £2,000 for a Extremely Fine example. We are happy to make no obligation offers for all coins.

We sell bullion grade victorian shield back sovereigns for a premium over the gold price. Please contact us if you are looking to buy shield back sovereigns.