Piedfort Gold Sovereign

Royal Proclamation Allows 2017 Piedfort Gold Sovereign

Royal Proclamation Allows 2017 Piedfort Gold Sovereign

In the UK, before a coin may become legal tender it has to follow the Coinage Act 1971. What this means is that new coins have to be approved by the State before going into production. The UK government advices and the Queen must give her approval for this to happen by issuing a Royal Proclamation.

In May 2017, The Gazette published a Proclamation regarding a new coin – the 2017 Piedfort Gold Sovereign.

Piedfort coins are well known to Silver coin collectors. Piedforts are struck with the same die so look like normal coins but are TWICE as thick – and therefore twice the weight. The word Piedfort is derived from the French meaning ‘heavy measure’ or ‘heavy foot’. As French it should be pronounced ‘Pee-ay-fore’ but you’ll find most UK collectors and dealers pronouncing it phonetically.

There has been a few Piedfort gold coins produced in very low quantities, such as the 2009 Kew Gardens Piedfort 50p Fifty Pence Gold Proof Coin when only 40 were minted. A Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Piedfort Sovereign was issued from Gibraltar in 2016.

A Piedfort Gold Sovereign would be a first for the UK. 

What do we know about the design of the 2017 Piedfort Gold Sovereign?

The Royal Proclamation also specifies the design and physical make-up of the coin. The proclamation is titled ‘BY THE QUEEN A PROCLAMATION DETERMINING THE SPECIFICATIONS AND DESIGN FOR A NEW PIEDFORT SOVEREIGN ELIZABETH R.’

What it says is:

  • The coin is made from gold.
  • The denomination is one pound.
  • The standard weight is 15.976g. This is exactly twice that of a Sovereign. This is also the minimum weight of the coin.
  • The diameter is 22.05mm. Exactly the same diameter as a Sovereign.
  • The millesimal fineness of not more than 916.7. This 22 carat gold.
  • The coin is circular in shape.
  • The Obverse will show an effigy of the Queen and the inscription ‘ELIZABETH II · DEI · GRA · REG · FID · DEF · 2017’.
  • The revere will show the image of St George armed, sitting on horseback, attacking the dragon with a broken spear surrounded by the inscription ‘HONI · SOIT · QUI · MAL · Y · PENSE ·’
  • The coin will have a grained edge.

The Proclamation was passed on 4th May 2017.


We’re not sure when this coin will be available but as the specification of the inscription states the year as 2017 then it should be announced soon. If you would like to purchase the 2017 Piedfort Gold Sovereign then please email or phone us to reserve one.