United States

The United States of America began making their own coinage in 1793. It permitted the following: Eagles ($10, gold), Half Eagles ($5, gold), Quarter Eagles ($2.50, gold), Dollars or Units ($1, silver), Half Dollars ($0.50, silver), Quarter Dollars ($0.25, silver), Disme ($0.10, silver, pronounced dime), Half Disme ($0.05, silver), Cents ($0.01, copper) and Half Cents ($0.005, copper). The Silver Dollar did not appear until 1794.

Early American coins can be very valuable. Coins have been minted in four main mints: Philadelphia (No mint mark), San Francisco (Mint mark = ‘S’), New Orleans (Mint mark = ‘O’) and Carson City (closed in 1893, Mint mark = ‘CC’).

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