King George IV Sovereigns

King George IV ascended the throne in 1820 upon the death of his father King George III. Prior to this, he served as Prince Regent. He reigned up to his own death in 1830.

Sovereigns were issued each year from 1821 to 1830, in one instance, two different sovereigns were issued during the same year in 1825. From 1821 until 1825, gold sovereigns depicted Benedetto Pistrucci’s portrayal of St George and the dragon on the reverse, and King George IV’s Laureate head on the obverse. Although a ‘Laureate head’ sovereign was issued in 1825, the Royal Mint also issued the new ‘Bare head’ design. King George IV’s new Bare head could be seen on the obverse, with a shield design on the reverse. This arrangement was used up to King George’s death in 1830.

Gold sovereigns were minted from 1821 to 1830 during the reign of King George IV (Often written as Georgius IIII).

Here is a list of the mintages for King George IV Sovereigns:

1821 Sovereign – 9,405,114

1822 Sovereign – 6,356,787

1823 Sovereign – 616,770

1824 Sovereign – 3,767,904

1825 Laureate Head and Bare Head Sovereigns – 4,200,343 (Combined)

1826 Sovereign – 5,724,046

1827 Sovereign – 2,266,629

1828 Sovereign – 386,182

1829 Sovereign – 2,444,652

1830 Sovereign – 2,387,881

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