Gold Five Pounds

The first gold five pound piece (£5) was issued during the reign of King George III in 1820. It was not issued as a circulation piece, but for the collectors market only. Gold five pounds pieces were also issued in 1826 and 1839 as part of a proof coin set. It wasn’t until 1887 when a gold five pounds piece was issued for circulation purposes.

In 1980, the Royal Mint introduced the first modern gold proof five pounds piece, issued as part of a 4 coin gold proof sovereign set. The Royal Mint has produced both proof and Brilliant Uncirculated gold five pounds pieces since 1984.

There are two basic kinds of gold five pounds coin: the gold £5 (quintuple sovereign) type and the gold Crown. They are both made of 22 carat gold, and weigh exactly the same (39.94 grams). The diameter of the gold crown is slightly larger than the £5 piece.

Gold proof crowns have been issued since 1990, and usually feature a commemorative scene. For example, the 1990 gold proof crown commemorated the Queen Mothers 90th birthday.

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