4 Coin Sovereign Sets


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Here is a list of prices we pay for each year Royal Mint 4 Coin Sovereign Sets:

Year Price We Pay
1980 St George £2000
1982 St George £2000
1985 St George £2000
1989 500th Anniversary £3000
1990 to 1997 St George £2000 each
1998 to 2001 St George £1900 each
2002 Shield Design £2200
2003 St George £1900
2004 St George £1900
2005 Timothy Noad Design £2100
2006 to 2008 St George £1900 each

*Prices based on a gold spot price of £1000/oz. Guide prices only.


What is a 4 Coin Sovereign Set?

The first modern 4 coin gold proof sovereign set was issued by the Royal Mint in 1980. Each coin is made of 22 carat gold, and minted to the highest quality, with proof like fields, and raised cameo portraits. The set contains the following coins:

Coin Weight (Grams) Diameter (MM)
Five Pounds (£5) 39.94 36.02
Two Pounds (£2) 15.98 28.4
Sovereign 7.98 22.05
Half Sovereign 3.99 19.3


In total, the 4 gold proof coins contain just over 2 ounces of pure gold. The 4 coin sovereign set is popular with both coin collectors and bullion investors alike.

4 Coin Sovereign Sets

£5, £2, Sovereign, Half Sovereign

4 Coin Sovereign Sets

Royal Mint 4 Coin Sovereign Sets

What is the Value of a 4 Coin Sovereign Set?

The value of 4 coin gold proof sovereign sets is highly dependent on the date and condition. One of the most desirable dates is the 1989 500th anniversary 4 coin sovereign set. Each coin in the set features the Tudor Rose design, a similar design used on the first gold sovereign issued in 1489 during the reign of King Henry VII. For perfect examples of this set, we are currently paying £3000 each.

Due to high gold prices, most 4 coin gold proof sovereign set dates have a value based upon the price of gold. We sell many sets for a premium over the gold price.


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