MJH Guide to Gold Sovereigns

MJH Guide to Gold Sovereigns – FREE iPhone App

MJH Guide to Gold Sovereigns is our  FREE iPhone App. You can check all the the information on Sovereigns and even create a Wish List of you favourites right on your iPhone. And it will work without an Internet connection.

MJH Guide to Gold Sovereigns

The M J Hughes Coins Guide to Gold Sovereigns is a listing of Gold Sovereign coins with history, mintage information and other associated facts and data. Many with images of obverse and/or reverse.

Click on the Monarch of the Sovereign for a list of their gold sovereigns:

MJH Sovs Guide Monarchs Page

The list contains almost all modern gold sovereigns from 1817 to 2017 (unc and proof) and includes all the mints – London, Australia ( Melbourne, Sydney, Perth), Canada (Ottawa), India (Bombay, now Mumbai) and South Africa (Pretoria).

Click on the date for more details:

MJH Sovs Guide Sov Page

It suitable for any coin collector (numismatist) or gold investor who has an interest in gold sovereigns.

Wish List

You can keep a Wish List of whatever Sovereigns you want to find, or just as a short cut to your favourite sovereigns. Find the coin that you are after and from the coin details page scroll down to the bottom and look for “Add To Wish List”. It will add it to the list and you can see it by pressing the Wish List link at the bottom of most pages.

Wish List

To remove a coin, just click on the sovereign in the Wish List and from the detail page scroll to the bottom and press the “Remove From Wish List” link.

Download the MJHs Guide to Gold Sovereigns App from the Apple AppStore.