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John Pinches Medallist

In 1840, John Pinches Medallists was founded by brothers Thomas Ryan Pinches and John Pinches, to whom the running of the business was solely left to in 1856. Pinches (1825-1905) was taught the trade by family member and medallist, William Joseph Taylor. Since 1840, four members of the Pinches family have been associated with the firm. The main successors were John Harvey Pinches (son to founder, John Pinches) and John Robert Pinches (grandson).

After the death of his father in 1905, John Harvey Pinches inherited the medallists company and developed John Pinches Medallists Limited, in 1940. John Robert Pinches, who maintained the firms artistic direction until near his death, later inherited the limited company.

The greatest historical moment for John Pinches Medallists LTD was in 1969 when it was taken over by the Franklin Mint of Philadelphia, USA, after the Pinches line of succession had come to an end.

There are a number of well-known and desirable collections from John Pinches including; 1974 Kings and Queens of England silver medallions, 1066-1966 Battle of Hastings gold medals, 1965 Winston Churchill gold medallion and even, the 1875-1975 100 greatest cars 925 sterling silver Ingots cars set.

Whilst the above are just a few of John Pinches most established sets and collections, his most popular and sought after sets are as follows:

1000 years of British Monarchy:

Starting in 1975, John Pinches created a set of sterling silver medallic Ingots to depict in detail 1000 years of the British Monarchy. The ingots represent the most significant period of each reign.

The obverse side of each ingot shows the monarch’s portrait and a famous scene from their reign. Whereas, the reverse side gives information on who the ruler was, the date and the event in bold, raised lettering.

The series starts with Edgar in 973, running until the present day with Queen Elizabeth II.

Length: 45mm

Width: 23mm

Depth: 6.5mm

Weight: 66 grams

1000 Years of Monarchy Silver Ingot Set

50 Ingot Sterling Silver Set


Churchill Centenary Medals 1874-1974:

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Winston Churchill, a collection of 24 sterling silver medallions were issued in 1974 by John Pinches for the Churchill Centenary Trust.

The reverse of each medal has a portrait of Churchill at the top, along with a wreath of oak leaves, acorns and rope around the perimeter. Below are two flags complemented with the words “Churchill Centenary Trust.” In the centre of the medallion is a relevant quote by Churchill depending on the time period and subject.

The medals are housed within clear plastic capsules in a deep blue leather covered album. Each page of medals (6 medals to one page) is accompanied by historical notes about each event or theme.

The events run from his birth at Blenheim Palace in 1874 to his funeral cortege in 1965.

Diameter: 38.58mm

Weight: 25.53 grams

Churchill 24 Medallion Sterling Silver Set

Churchill 24 Medallion Sterling Silver Set

Churchill Centenary Medallions


Great Britons Medallic first day covers 1974:

This was issued in 1974 to commemorate those who were named Great Britons. It is a four-part sterling silver proof medal set.

The medals given commemorate; Robert the Bruce, who was crowned King of Scotland in 1306 and fought through much of his reign to secure Scottish independence. Owen Glendower, the last independent Prince of Wales who began fighting the English in 1400. Edward the Black Prince, the son of Edward III who became a famous commander in the Hundred years’ war, and finally, Henry V who became King in 1413 and soon claimed large areas of France for the English throne.


If you have any further questions about John Pinches and the collections, or interested in finding out more about what you have, please feel free to call on: 01420 768 161.